Our Workshop FAQs

I need to get my bike repaired at short notice, is this possible?

We generally can assist at short notice, however this depends on our current workload. Please contact us for our current status.

My bike has broken down, can you recover me?

Yes, we offer a full recovery and collection service. Please contact us for a detailed price, remember to have the location of your vehicle handy before calling.

I would like to get a service on my bike, can you carry out an MOT at the same time?

Yes, we can combine and routine service and MOT at the same time.

Can you carry out an MOT while I wait?

As a rule we do not offer while you wait MOT tests, however please contact us and we will try to arrange an appointment time for you.

I would like a specific brand of tyres, can you provide / order these for me?

We work with one of the largest tyre suppliers in the UK and can order any current make or model tyre. Discuss your options and requirements with our Service Team for more information.

If my bike fails an MOT can you offer me a quote for the repairs?

Yes, we would always be willing to offer an estimate for work to correct any faults on scooters or motorbikes that fail their MOT.

How do I know if my bike needs a service?

We would advise that you keep a good service history – a service manual or guide should have came with your bike this will detail all of the service periods for your vehicle. If in doubt please contact us and we will gladly advise you.

What is your currently hourly labour rate?

Our current labour rate is set at £59.00 per hour plus VAT (20%).

I have been involved in an accident, can you prepare a quote for my insurance company?

Yes, we can arrange all of the estimates required by your insurance and accident management companies.